'Arrow' Drinking Game

"you have failed this city"

"he’s/she’s not the man/woman you think he/she is"

"it’s all my/your fault"

quentin gets demoted

felicity gives a pep talk

somebody who’s dead suddenly isn’t


"No, not—I meant go, not scat"

my love for teddy cannot be distilled into a gif, but.

Arizona Muse by Patrick Demarchelier for UK Vogue June 2011

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Great Books & Cafe at the Williamsford Mill

I’ve found heaven.

… and on the second floor, a nice old man will help you buy a wand for your first year at Hogwarts

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June 10 is awesome because:

  1. Arrival of Stitchfix
  2. Return of WTF is Aria Wearing (Season 5!)